Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Sokka vs. the Swordmaster

"Steffi Says" Nr. 1: Sokka fighting the Swordmaster

To help me through (one of) my art-crisis' my lovely and resourceful girlfriend Steffi aka MissMatzenbatzen filled my hat with a bunch of folded post-it's. On every post-it she wrote a topic. Stuff I like, she likes, or we both. So I randomly pick one of the post-it's without knowing what it's gonna be. So I don't have to think what I'm gonna draw or think about how much "worth" it will be in the end - I "just" have to draw it.
This is the first one.
Don't know if it'll be the last one, too. ;) Depends on free time and my moods. ;)

And yeah, I love Avatar(not the one with the blue furries) to pieces!


  1. Echt Geil! ich liebe die Kompo und Farben!
    Aber.. hat auch der Großartig Mana Kunstkrise wie die normaler Mench??
    Kopf hoch!

  2. Schlimmer als der normale Mensch! ;)
    Danke, Alberto! :D

  3. Super cool!! Love the composition..great collaboration you two. : )